¿What is FPP?

A company that seeks to train coaches and players worldwide under a single methodology based on tactics, focusing on working on technique through correct mobility. It has been tested by over 250 coaches and over 20,000 players.

¿What are we doing?

Currently, there are padel coaches without a correct methodology or training in sports teaching, offering padel classes without structure or individualized plan. We seek to solve this problem by offering different face-to-face options to learn, but also online classes structured and personalized to the needs of each student to improve the methodology applied by padel teachers.

¿Who is behind FPP?

This company is formed by a large team led by Miguel Vita who:

  • Has been dedicated to sports all his life

  • Competed at the highest level in tennis, padel and football until injuries forced him to turn to business.

  • He founded Vita10 Sports Club at the age of 18 and has made it a world leader. In addition to being a partner, he is still the Sports Director, in which he leads his teaching methodology.

  • More than 20 years working for and to achieve the objectives of each client while achieving the highest learning effectiveness

  • Imparts training courses for coach trainers, padel specialists and training camps for customers, regardless of level.

FPP World Presence

  • Estados Unidos

    • Miami

    • San Diego

  • República Dominicana

    • Santo Domingo

  • Panamá

    • Ciudad de Panamá

  • Kuwait

  • Colombia

    • Bogotá

    • Pereira

  • Méjico

    • Monterrey

    • Chiapas

And more...